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Pink and ivory LV BLASPHEMY to think of any other brand but LV!!! Louis Vuitton Purse 
I've been collection for almost 7 years and have had no issues with any of my bags. I only had one issue with glazing peeling on my mono wallet. LV fixed it free of charge and I sold it as soon as it was finished. I purchased a Vernis wallet and have been happy with that one so far (18 months old). Louis Vuitton Outlet

LV Monogram I want that bag.....it's on my list!!!!!


Of course!! Sometimes I need a little pick me up! Louis Vuitton Keepall


congrats! You said it was soft, although i thought i had read these were not that soft? Maybe i am thinking of a different scarf. Louis Vuitton Speedy


oo....many of you know I was debating amongst Trevi pm, Tivoli gm, and mono Lockit.I went into my boutique today with my sister to pick up my mono pochette from repairs. We tried out some bags and I came out with one!!Guess which one I picked??? Lucky for me, my dear lil' sister bought it for me - a "just because you're a great big sis present". I heart her!!!!P.S. I would LOVE to post pics but our camera is a bust now. Only have my iPad camera - any ideas how I can LV Handbags


LV Speedy Lovely collection